‘Incredible Crane’ by Kim Meisterby Kim Meister
sponsored by USA Steak Buffet, Heartland Hosting, LLC & Kearney Dawn Rotary
photography courtesy of Diana Dake

My love for art started in my childhood. While growing up in a large family, crayons, markers, Prang watercolors and oil pastels were abundant. I furthered my interest at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln attaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. I worked in the field for over 10 years, spending most of my time as an Art Director for a publishing company. Although my income is now reliant on my Pampered Chef business, my interest, appreciation and respect for art has deepened through my travels, life experience and participation in projects like Cranes on Parade II.

The Incranible, on the surface, is a fun spoof on The Incredibles. As our superhero flies over Kearney, we get a birds-eye view of the community and some of the more notable sights like the Great Platte River Road Archway Monument. As we dig a little deeper, it is obvious that the ordinary Sandhill Crane accomplishes an extraordinary feet as it migrates THOUSANDS of miles every year. My hope is that the viewers can find their own superhero within themselves as they serve their families and their communities in everyday life.

Kim Meister
Kearney, NE

USA Steak Buffet, Heartland Hosting, LLC & Kearney Dawn Rotary

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