‘Humuhumunukunukuapua’a’ by Carey Mooreby Carey Moore
sponsored by Parkview Homes
photography courtesy of Diana Dake

I’ve been making art my whole life. I sold my first painting in fourth grade. I have also had my heart appear in an international juried show, Dragon*Con Art Show in Atlanta Georgia; it has appeared on magazine covers, Witchtower Magazine, UK, city streets and newspapers, La Strada dell’Arte, Kansas City, websites and on greeting cards, Nine Fires Press.

I am a flexible artist, capable of working in many styles and media. My preferred media are digital, acrylic, and pencil; my preferred styles are realism, fantasy, Art Nouveau, figurative and still-life.

I am thankful to be selected for Cranes on Parade II. I want to give back to this community by making art, to share a little beauty, and raising funds for the wonderful charities and service projects this event supports.

Carey Moore
Kearney, NE

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