“Finders Keepers Crane” by Lauren McLaughlin

The final crane has “landed” just in time for the September 1st Reception.  All 17 of the Cranes on Parade II cranes will be on display for the last public display before the September 9th public auction.

The crane, titled “Finders Keepers Crane” was painted by Kearney resident and University of Nebraska at Kearney senior, Lauren McLaughlin.  Lauren was invited to participate in Cranes On Parade II at the 11th hour when the Cranes On Parade II committee become aware that one of the original artists would not be able to complete their crane in time for the Auction.

Lauren was contacted by text message on August 16th while enjoying the last week of her summer vacation on a beach in Hawaii.  The message read, “How would you like to paint a crane?” Lauren replied, “A small one?”  Another text read, “No, a big one.  It needs to be done by Aug 30th.”  “Yeh ??”

This would give Lauren exactly 6 days from delivery to completion to accomplish the “mission.”

After the first Cranes on Parade project I thought to myself what an honor and joy it would be to have the opportunity to create a Crane of my own. When the opportunity did come around I could not pass it up, even with only a week to complete the project. I poured every ounce I had to pour into my crane for a week straight. This is my first commissioned piece, but hopefully not my last.
Lauren McLaughlin

The finished crane is painted with vibrant red and blue tones, with Lauren’s signature “dripping effect”, and inclusions of “found items” into the art piece.  Lauren has a “find-it” puzzle that encourages viewers to explore the entire work.

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