‘Metamorphosis: What Darwin Missed’ by Gary Zarubaby Gary Zaruba
sponsored by Contemporary Obstetrics & Gynecology PC
photography courtesy of Diana Dake

When asked about his work for Cranes On Parade, Gary commented, “I couldn’t believe the number of people who wanted to know how many hours I spent working on the crane, and a few had to add that I must have more time to use on such things than they do.”

“I didn’t respond to most of those comments, but I have never thought about creating art with a time clock.”

“I have no idea how many hours are represented in the crane, nor do I care to know.”

“Something I gained was the pleasure of creating the work”

Gary Zaruba “created” a masterpiece for the 2003 Cranes on Parade event, “Carousel Crane” which is permanently located at the Museum of Nebraska Art (MONA).

Gary Zaruba
301 Huron Drive
Kearney, NE 68847

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