‘Aviatrix’ by Delora Hallby Delora Hall
sponsored by Family Practice Associates PC & Kearney Dawn Rotary
photography courtesy of Diana Dake

I wanted my crane to have realism, abstract, fantasy, and honor the majestic form she was created with.

My intent was to use 3D elements to align with my art expression as a 3D artist.  (Silversmith / Art Jeweler).

Her name is “Aviatrix” representing her as a femaile aviator.

She has 8 colors of paint, and her nest/habitat at the base has hand made leaves, leaves that are semi precious stones, sand blasted glass, foreign sea glass, Ancient “Hebron” beads from the far Christian parts of the world, faceted oversized recycled glass beads of several shapes and colors, foiled glass, all strung on heavy copper wire and then applied to the base.

On her wings she has genuine turquoise nuggets.  On her head she has deep red Czech glass, and on her banks of the river she has fern and fresh water pearls.  Her eyes are glass made specifically for cranes.

Her colors are to represent all the things in nature and her pewter body is to be more realistic to the feathers of the live cranes.  I wanted the colors of the bird to represent water, the river bank, sun and sky, and the crane itself to be soaring out of the waters the way the new majestic form was created.  I wanted my crane to look grounded, as well as independent, sleek, and free to glide thorugh the sky and over the river and land again in familiar territory.

Delora Hall
Pine Meadow Creations
Pleasanton, Nebraska

Family Practice Associates PC & Kearney Dawn Rotary

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