‘Red Bird Rising’ by Pat Jonesby Pat Jones
sponsored by Horizon Designs Inc. & Kearney Dawn Rotary
photography courtesy of Diana Dake

A resident of Kearney, Pat Jones is best known for her watercolor landscapes of Nebraska, but she is interested in working with a large variety of subject matter and media.

Jones holds a Bachelors degree from Hastings College, and a Masters degree in Art Education from the University of Nebraska at Kearney, where she currently serves as adjunct faculty in the Department of Art & Art History.

Pat enjoys working with groups of adults, exploring the possibilities of personal transformation through creative expression.

In painting this crane sculpture as a “red bird rising” triumphantly from the ashes, the artist hopes to have captured the metaphors of humanity as we struggle through adversity, and emerge renewed.  Lessons learned through the hard times of life can contribute to our personal transformations into more strong, wise, confident and compassionate people.  The artist has illustrated these metaphors through the application of a large variety of color, while simply depicting a base of embers from which a red bird is reborn.  The textural surface of the sculpture accentuates the many layers of life’s experience which has culminated in this new life for the transformed crane.  She is joyful in her color.  It is the artist’s hope that viewers of “Red Bird Rising” will take with them a bit of hope for a sense of renewal and regeneration of their own lives.

Pat Wiederspan Jones
Kearney, NE

Horizon Designs, Inc. & Kearney Dawn Rotary

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