‘Heart of the Platte’ by Heidi Muirhead

‘Heart of the Platte’ by Heidi Muirhead

After more than two years of planning, moving cranes to and from various sponsor locations, numerous publicity events, and countless days of individual efforts, the Kearney Dawn Rotary Club held their Cranes On Parade II Public Auction at MONA Thursday evening.

More than 150 people in attendance witnessed and participated in raising more than $44,000 in charitable funds to help support Rotary projects.  Most of the artists were on hand for evenings events.  The 17 larger 6 foot cranes sold for a collective total of $37,100, with the highest bid amount going for “Heart of the Platte” at $7500.  The 9 smaller study cranes netted a total 0f $7000. The highest bid amount on the smaller study cranes was netted by the last item of the evening, “Red Bird Rising” at $1500.  A one-of-a kind Artist Autographed Cranes on Parade Book was auctioned for $250.  Individual books may be purchased from the Kearney Dawn Rotary club for $75.

The evenings events were emceed by Cranes On Parade Co-Chairs Susan Bigg, and Steve Brodine.  The Public Auction was conducted by Mr. Robin Marshall, of Marshall Land Brokers & Auctioneers of Kearney, Inc.  The auction was preceded by a social hour catered by The Alley Rose.

Complete Results of the auction, including buyers, and selling amounts will be available soon.

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