Scupture design by: Martha Pettigrew

Martha Pettigrew

Private collectors around the world enjoy Martha’s works in their homes and offices, thousands more enjoy her work found in public placement in cities, parks, museums, corporate lobbies, hospitals, and sculpture gardens. Thus, her work touches the lives of thousands coast-to coast and world-wide.

With a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Martha’s art career began as an illustrator for the State Museum, located on the University’s campus.

Many publications have featured Martha, including Southwest Art, (cover and feature article); Nebraska Life; and Jumiera Beach, published in Dubai and distributed throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Her many awards include Best of Show, Western Spirit Art Show and Sale, Old West Museum, Cheyenne, Wyoming; First Place, Sculpture, Phippen Museum’s Western Art Show and Sale, Prescott, Arizona; Silver Medal, Knickerbocker Art Show, New York; and,  Residency Award, Museum of the Great Plain’s Art Show and Sale, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Martha, whose disciplines include oil painting as well as sculpture, says; “If my work reaches the viewer on an emotional as well as an intellectual level, than my goal as an artist has been achieved.”

Martha’s hobbies include gardening, playing her guitar, and reading classic literature in Spanish. She and her husband travel frequently to Mexico. She, along with husband, Delmar, breed and race Thoroughbred racehorses.

We are proud that Martha is once again a part of our project in Cranes on Parade II!

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