This exciting regional and community event is a great opportunity to promote the arts, support area non profit organizations, scholarships and international Rotarian projects, making the world a better place for all. The original Cranes on Parade event in 2003·2004 was Kearney’s first Public Art Event and Auction and involved the entire community and region, raising thousands of dollars for local, regional and International needs. Rotary, the sponsors, artists and beneficiaries continue to receive both local and national exposure from the project.

Cranes on Parade II is again brought to you by the KEARNEY DAWN ROTARY CLUB. This event celebrates the arts and the annual migration of the sandhill cranes while raising awareness of the arts and raising funds for so many worthwhile projects.

The 2010 series of art pieces are 6 foot crane sculptures created by Martha Pettigrew and replicated in fiberglass by Icon Poly of Gibbon, Nebraska. Local, regional and national artists have each applied their creative artistic designs to 17 cranes. Additionally, there will be study size cranes from the original concept mold sold at Auction. These too are artistically designed and decorated by artists with unique and creative concepts.

The Public Art 6 Foot Cranes are on display at their sponsors’ or other public locations through August 2010.  The Art Auction will be held at MONA (Museum of Nebraska Art).

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